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When my carbon monoxide sensor is tinged the sickly yellow of a used cigarette filter, what is that supposed to tell me?

This little unit has seen no cigarette smoke in its lifetime, which, according to its factory born-on date, began on June 27, 1993. If it had been exposed to second hand, I suppose it would have made decent fodder for one of those snarky TRUTH ads.

Anyway, I tested the thing, and it beeped. I guess that means it’s okay, but the color is not encouraging. Perhaps there’s some sort of metal that’s been emitting rays in those spectrums for the past fifteen years. Or maybe the steady current of electricity has slow-cooked the plastic like a good roux. (In another ten years, this baby will look like Dutch chocolate.)

Or maybe (perhaps obviously), I should just buy a new one. Still I hate to replace it. It’s been a real warrior to still beep after all these years.