Currently, in my basement room, there is an impasse between certain humidity needs. On the one hand, I have had the flu for six days now. I could use a room humidifier. 60% would clear my sinuses nicely, and would also nurture the wood of my guitars. An ingress of water, however, has soaked the carpet under my workspace. Mildew is becoming visible along the molding.

Last week, it decided to thaw here, and as usual, a torrential rain ensued for the next two days. Consequently, I need to dry the hell out of the place, tear back the carpet and cut away what’s worthless and stinky. But such a project would require some extra energy, which I can’t muster.

This whole thing has gotten out of control. Right now, I’m trying to pretend this goddamn humidity standoff doesn’t exist, so I can fall asleep at night.

Once, when I was a kid, the basement meant freedom. Now it just means mildew.