The vitamin and mineral content Per 100 gram serving of skinless potato is as follows:

Iron 0.31 mg of

potassium 379 mg of 

thiamin 0.106 mg of 

phosphorus 44 mg of 

riboflavin 0.02 mg of 

niacin 1.44 mg of 

Apparently, there is some vitamin C, but most of it also exits the tuber during boiling or frying. This is the runoff, dried on my range tray. 
The runoff from boiled potatoes, crystalized on my range tray

(Potatoes just remind me of how pale I look around this time of year.)

So what gives the runoff that orange color? I thought it was iron, but most of it comes from ….

“and now, stay tuned for the IDITAROD…” the television tells me. More on that tomorrow….