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A Finnish woman in my hometown has asked me to tutor her in Latin, or more specifically, to help her brush up on the Latin she already knows. She knows another four languages, which means I ought to be learning from her. Nevertheless, she told me that she would be considered quite provincial if she didn’t have a firm grasp on this so-called dead language.

Anyway, I didn’t believe her at first. But I looked into it. Apparently, there is a Finnish news program (YLE news) that broadcasts (and podcasts) a weekly world news report in classical Latin. Read about it in lingua Angelorum hic.

Here is an excerpt from one of their news reports, followed by my best shot at translating:

03.04.2009, klo 09.46

Praesidens Barack Obama hac septimana iter in Europam suscepit, ut cum aliis moderatoribus mundi de rebus maximi momenti colloqueretur. Obama apud Europaeos multum gratia valet, quam ob rem exspectatio eius videndi magna erat. Primum quidem Londinium volavit, ubi die Iovis conventus oeconomicus internationalis habebatur. Deinde in Germaniam transiit, ut anniversarium sexagesimum consociationis militaris NATO celebraret. Die Dominico autem Pragae summus conventus Unionis Europaeae et Civitatum Americae Unitarum instituetur, in quo cum de securitate energiae tum de mutatione climatica agetur.  

This week, President Barack Obama made a trip (journeyed) to Europe, so he might converse with the other moderators (leaders) of the world concerning things of greatest importance. At the place of the Europeans (In Europe), Obama greatly expresses(ed) thanks, on account of which thing (affair) there was great expectation for his visiting. Indeed(?), he flew first to London, where an international economic convention was being held on the day of Jove (Thursday). Then, he passed (flew) over to Germany, so that he might celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the(ir?) NATO military consociation. Furthermore, on the Day of Dominic (?), The highest convention (summit) of the EU and the USA will be instituted? (held) at Prague, where the discussion will be carried on concerning the security of energy and then the climate change.


On an endnote, Finnish is one of the craziest, most atypical languages I have ever seen. There is a stupefying number of cases for each noun. Thank you, Wiktionary.